746 S. Haywood Street, Waynesville, NC 28786

Call  (828) 246-0310

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Welcome to our beautiful
'Emporium' - Latin  for
'Variety Store'.

With convenient parking for your visit.

A Warm Welcome

A warm 'aloha' greeting
awaits you... our Guest.


Sometimes we have an interesting seminar going on...

Art and Decor

You'll find affordable treasures like a wide variety of art...

Jewelry Corner

You'll be surprised with the exceptional prices on our fine and costume jewelry.

Or, you can peruse the exotic or domestic teas we have for sale.

Handcrafted Soaps

Exclusively offering a remarkable handcrafted vegan moisturizing soap. (Samples Available)

Choose the silk fiber, bamboo charcoal activated, or kaolin clay bars.

Ask to read our book of soap "Testimonies."

Our Aloha Corner

A lovely 'Aloha Corner' with alluring fragrances...

and  unusual gifts from the islands.

Children's Corner

Here you'll find children's clothing, toys and games...

At below wholesale prices.

Our Clothing Room

New and gently used...

Quality clothing at great prices for all seasons.


(Including vintage clothing.)

Dolls and More!

Dolls from every corner of the world.

Our Bridal Corner

Bridal and formal wear...

And, Lingerie, too!

A unique selection of lingerie in all sizes.

Our Men's Corner

Something special for the men in your life...

Household Galore

Beautiful & affordable household gifts...

And a constantly changing Showcase of merchandise.

Exotic Plant Sale

An exotic Starfish plant with a rare bloom is also for sale.

Ballerina Greeter

Ballerina greeter who says:


"It's always Tea Time at the Emporium."

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An 'Aloha' Retail Experience!

get in touch

What is the Tea Time Emporium All About?

Mission & Vision Statement
To create a warm inviting 'aloha' shopping experience... an offering of treasures at affordable prices for everyone! And, to offer a gathering place for your celebrations, meetings, or seminars in an 'aloha' atmosphere!

'Aloha' in North Carolina!
We invite you to our little corner in Waynesville, on Joy Lane and S. Haywood, across and down the hill from Bogarts. Our Emporium is a Variety Store with affordable treasures in every corner for every member of the family. And you'll experience our warm aloha with complimentary tea and cookies. 

What Do We Offer at Tea Time Emporium?
Then you'll discover bargains on new and renewed jewelry, art, clothing (bridal and formal too) for everyone in the family, household goods, plants, linens, accessories, gifts galore, an Aloha corner with gifts from Hawaii, fragrances and organic coconut oil, too. There's a men's corner with assorted merchandise from tools to silk ties. Of course we stock tea - choose an exotic blend from Hawaii or something closer to home.

Proudly Presenting Special Soaps
The cherry on top is our exclusive Haywood distributorship of handcrafted vegan soaps made of coconut, palm, olive, argan, avocado and castor oils that leaves your skin so silky soft that you may kiss your moisturizers goodbye, as I have. . . Men love it, too!

Choose from: Wisteria, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Silk Lavender, Sandal-wood, Unscented, Patchouli, Green Tea, Black Mountain (a favorite), and just in time for the holidays - Frankincense and we even have one for your feet called "Soft Slippers" made with poppy seed.

These soaps are great gifts. The price is right too - $6.50 or 2 for $12.00. 

The Latest Fabulous News!
After months of research, the company who created our amazing soaps and deodorants have come up with an amazing proprietary face serum with these ingredients:
  Proprietary Tripeptide* Blend (a coveted and expensive addition to any collagen-based face serum)
  Collagen (Hyaluronic Acid)
  Antioxidant Blend
  Rose Water & Witch Hazel Blend
What you can expect with:
Tripeptide & Collagen 23 Second Face Serum
“A non-oily hydrating skin feeling and reduced depth of wrinkles.
It is important to hydrate in conjunction with the serum for best results. There is a slight rose water and witch hazel scent. It will appear slightly opaque with small antioxidant specs throughout. The application will go on clear and be invisible on the skin”.
“I’ve been using for a week now and definitely feel a tightening of my facial skin. I use whatever excess onto my neck and that’s tingling too. I’m excited!” (NCP)
*A tripeptide is a peptide consisting of three amino acids joined by peptide bonds. The exact nature and function of proteins is determined by the amino acids present and the order they occur.

Small Group Meeting Place
Tea Time Emporium also welcomes small groups to gather in our meeting room for holiday parties,  seminars, showers, or anyone who wishes to showcase their talent or share their expertise or host a special event. Tea and cookies will be served of course. Schedule your CELEBRATIONS!

Come See Us!
Aloha is used in greetings and farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more….it is a way of life sometimes called "The Aloha Sprit" or "The Way of Aloha". Another translation of Aloha: "To consciously manifest life joyously in the present."

Post Cards for Sale at Tea Time Emporium
(The back of this postcard carries a very special message)

I look forward to your visit to our special corner of Waynesville. We want you to feel like you have discovered a fabulous place to stop and say aloha and have some tea with us, and maybe find some great little bargain in some corner of Tea Time Emporium.
Until then….
Blessings and Aloha,

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